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My man and I have been trying for a baby and I found out today I am...

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PREGNANT!. I am 11 weeks pregnant will be 12 weeks tomorrow,We had sex 2 and a half months ago and I have irregular periods so it wasn't a big deal that I missed my period. I am so excited we are gonna name it jacob william if its a boy or abigail sophie for a girl.

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Congratulations! Just so you know, Jacob is the number one most popular name in the country and has been for a few years. If you have a boy he'll likely be one of at least 3 Jacobs in his class.
congrats!!! and VforVenture is right lol, jacob is popular, thats what my fiance and i chose for a boy too, but i am still considering it, i want to make sure thats the right name you know? i am having NO luck finding a girls name but the one you picked is adorable! congrats girl and good luck!!
I use the Social Security names database to help me in my search for baby names. They list the popularity of names based on how many social security cards are issued with that name and specific spelling. There are a lot of names we love but have chosen not to use because they're too popular. 
We like christopher noah...
Or mason james.
I really like mason james and so does my husband so I think we are gonna name our son mason james or daughter abigail sophie.
I like Mason James. Both are names I'd love to use if we had another boy, but we can't. We don't want to use another name that ends in "son" and my husband's best friend is named James. So I love it when other people use names I love but can't use!
I love the name mason james and my husband does to. I think for a girl we are gonna name it abigail lillian  instead of sophie because my husbands moms name is lillian.

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