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my MIl wants to name my child after her grandmom and I don't want to?

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Is it your MIL's baby, or yours? Sit down with your husband and come up with your own list of names for your baby.
I totally agree! I think that in your case, I would wait until after the baby is born to revel the name. Stand your ground!
It is up to you to name your baby (and the father). Maybe a nice compromise would be to put the grandmas name as a middle name?
I agree with cresteds, maybe try using it as a middle name or a form of the name.  You can even look into your family names and use it as a first and his as a middle.  Family names are usually traditional, solid names that are really nice.  Might be nicer to give a name that has special meaning rather than using a current fad or uber-unusual name that your child might not appreciate later on in life.  But it is your baby, so you should choose the name you want.
Its not her baby. If your husband is wanting that name too then its him you need to talk to. MIL has no business naming the child and legally can't without yourconsent. If she tries at the hospital you can always have the hospital staff escort her out. Its not her place and it not up to her.
Yes, you can consider the grandmom's name as a middle name or part of the middle name. The end result is that it's your and your husband's choice in what you name your child. Talk to your husband and let him know your feelings about it and see where he's at with it. Then I'd tell the mom-in-law that you'd consider the name as part of the middle if it works in. And let her know that it's ultimately your final say.
When my Nana tried to tell me to name my son after my late grandfather, I simply told her "No"! It is not for other people to tell you and/or you husband what to name your baby!

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