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My mom ruins every baby surprise, should I tell her the gender or wait

2 answers
It's our first baby, and we want to suprise the family with the gender news this Christmas Eve. We wanted to surprise them with the pregnancy with a nice dinner, but my mom told everyone after she promised she wouldn't and no one came to dinner. Yesterday we found out the gender, and she wants to know, but she actually just wants to tell everyone. I agree she should know before everyone, but we want to tell the family, which is why I have decided to tell her 30sec (lliterally) before the family at out brunch on Christmas Eve. She's upset and is saying she not coming now. What should I do? I feel like my options or she either knows 30sec before the family or she'll be the last to know...What do you think?

answers (2)

I don't see why she needs to know before everyone else. Yes, she's your mom, but it's your baby. You and your husband are the ones who get to decide things like when people find out the gender of your baby. This is your baby, your surprise. She may not like it but she doesn't have the right to spread your news if you don't want her to.
I think you should wait and tell her at the same time you tell everyone else, it's more fun that way, and i don't see why she needs to konw before everyone else, because she might go tell one person and then that person will tell everyone eelse and they will all find out before you have a chance to tell them, and that would really suck, because telling the gender is the funnest part of finding out the gender, and you wouldn't want to miss the look on everyone's face when you tell tehm would you???

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