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my morning sickness has disappeared, do I worry something is wrong?

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my morning sickness or all just all day queezy feeling has suddently disappeared out of nowhere, literally woke up and nothing, usually when I eat cereal I'm nauseuos and I'm not at all today. i'm eleven weeks by the way... I've read that if you suddentyly lose your symptoms you could possibly be having a miscarriage! Should I be worried, or is this normal?????!!!!!!

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Symptoms can come and go based on hormonal changes. If you're concerned you can call your doctor.
Also, things are different for every woman and can be different for each pregnancy. So what's normal for you may not be normal for someone else.
With me it depended on when I took my prenatal pills... I finally figured out night was best for me. When I took them in the morning I had the worst MS but at night the major symptoms went away... I suggest calling your doctor and asking but you are close to the 12 week mark... Mine were night and day when I hit the 12 week mark, are they sure you're only 11 weeks? You might be further along.... For me each trimester has been night and day, horrible first, second was awesome, third has been not as bad as the first just tired and harder to get up with this 20lb bowling bowl strapped to my stomach... LOL
be thankful!!!! with my first daughter, i had morning sickness up until 5 months, and with my second daughter, i had it all throughout my pregnancy. your just one lucky lady!

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