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my nine month old eats great, but just will not gain weight....

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My nine month old eats great,a 10-12 oz bottle and two jars of food. my doctor said he was underweight for his age when he last went to his doctor's...(3 months) ago. she told me to give him his bottle first then his food, which i've been doing but he's just a skinny boy. could it just be genectics? or a fast metablisom? he's a very active baby....

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take him back to the doc! seriously, woman, use some common sense!
hahaha ok first off there's no need to be rude 2nd when i took him to the doctor's she told me what to do and i've been doing it...he's healthy so there's no need to take him back till his appt in april. it has nothing to do w/commen sense what else am i supposed to do to get him to gain weight he eat's.... IF ANYONE IS GONNA BE RUDE PLEASE DON'T ANSWER!
How much does your baby eat in one day? Is he drinking a 10-12oz bottle and eating two jars of food at each meal? Or is that total for the day? Do you weigh him at home? If so, what kind of scale do you use? If you're using a traditional, not digital, bathroom scale it can be very difficult to seee any changes in a baby's weight. If you're using a digital scale or a Wii Fit and you haven't seen any weight gain or growth in three months you definitely need to take your baby back to the doctor before the next appointment. 
yes he eat's 10-12 oz at each feeding and usually he eat's two jars sometimes a jar and a half. i'm not gonna force my kid to eat when he's full. no i don't have a scale. i know he is gaining weight b/c he's alot heavier then he was. he's just gaining a little at a time. and he is growing fine....
I know exactly what you are going through. I have a 14 month old that is just barely meeting the 20lb mark. He was a large newborn (weighing in at 8lbs 12oz), but he was also a week overdue. He started to level off in his weight gain around 6 months and fell from the 25th percentile to off the charts completely. My pediatrician has done every type of lab test possible to find out if something is wrong. All tests were negative. He is EXTREMELY active, he never stops! I was also a small baby and my mother told me she went through the same thing- I was skin and bones until my freshman year in highschool! I think it is just an over active metabolism. My son is also a picky eater, which we have struggled with from day 1. He eats until he is full and that is that! I don't force him to eat. He gets 3-4 meals a day with snacks in between. When he was on formula, he never took more than 5-6 oz per feeding. Every child grows and developes diferently. You, as a mom, know when something is truley wrong with your baby. If you are really concerned, then you should bring him back to the Ped. and have them do stool and urine tests to ease your mind. People will have their opinions...and let them have them. At the end of the day, you know what is best!
thank u. but i took him to the doctor's and she told me it was genectic's his father was tiny as a baby. and he still is lol i was skinny up untill now lol. so she told me not to worry. but thank u
thank u. but i took him to the doctor's and she told me it was genectic's his father was tiny as a baby. and he still is lol i was skinny up untill now lol. so she told me not to worry. but thank u

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