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My one year child stopped eating properly, seeking me near to him.

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I started feeding food items since he was six months. He was taking cow milk, soft rice, cereal paste all very properly. Suddenly, since last week, he stopped eating it. With very difficulty, he takes only one or two spoon of foods. If I insisted more, he take it out of mouth. He seems weak and can not even stand. Previously, he used to crawl all around the room and walk catching the wall. How can I help him out?

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Try feeding hm a variety of foods. By one year a baby should be eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, some dairy, and meats. Infant cereals are not really recommended anymore, and a lot of babies just don't Ike them because they don't have any flavor. Give your child foods he can feed himself, like steamed vegetables and fruits, tortillas or breads, soft cheeses, and cooked Meats.Neither of my daughters liked eating puréed foods, they preferred to feed themselves. And again, a variety of foods kept them interested. They both got bored quickly with the same things every day.

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