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My one year old is eating strange things

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Lately my one year old has been acting very strange and eating really weird things, like the other day I walked into the living room and caught her trying to eat crayons which were on a high shelf, I am also scared to know that she had to climb up on top of our couch to get the crayons. She has been doing this a lot lately, with many different things, any suggestions on how to stop it???

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Wow, she sounds really developly advanced for a one year old scaling things like that! And haven't you baby proofed your home? You should probably keep things like that in a locked drawer or something. I have never heard of behavior like that, so im not sure if this is normal. Has she been tested for Autism or anything like that?
KaylaAngel23, I have child proofed my home and i could not find the right lock for the kind of cabinets we have, so all I could do is put things on a high shelf. and yes, i had her tested for autism when she started behaving like this, she was negative, so i just think she's teething maybe...
This is very normal. They like to chew on everything and are still working on teeth. My daughter we talked about how there were levels and they kept getting moved up. When we thought something was out of reach she would just grow a little more or learn more about climbing and get it.  Chewing crayons is nothing out of the normal. They love to put everything in there mouth. They can see it, feel it, smell it, hear it and the last thing to do sensory is taste. 
Also the only thing you can do is say No and move it to a place you think she cannot reach or get to. Sometimes stuff has to stay in mommies room with the room shut/locked. Good luck
thank you sjvanderwey, that is some very good advice. i'll make sure to remember that next time cece tries to eat something strange.
From my experience, this is completely normal. My kids tried to eat crayons and markers for a very long time. Climbing is also normal behavior. You just need to watch your daughter closely and make sure you babyproof to get rid of major hazards.

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