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My question is regarding antibacterial hand and dish soaps.

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I've been reading lately about the antimicrobial chemical triclosan found in antibacterial soaps. Reports are saying this checmical along with many others could be considered endrocrine-disrupting chemicals affecting mostly little boys. Can you get your hands and dishes just as clean and be sure you have killed all bacteria by using soaps without these chemicals? Do you have any suggestions of dish and hand soaps that have no harmful checmicals that I can feel confident is getting my hands and dishes clean?

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I use Method for our handsoaps.  It's safe for the water systems and gets my hands clean just fine.  They also make dish and laundry soap, and you can find coupons on their website. Beyond that, though - there's an argument for NOT using anti-bacterial soaps of any kind, ever.  Yes, it kills the bad bacteria, but not all bacteria is bad.  By killing off ALL the bacteria, you're leaving yourself at risk of a weaker immune system, which results in more colds and the odd case of flu.  I wouldn't worry so much about anti-bacterial as I would just plain *clean*.
I use regular dawn for my dishes but I don't know the ingredients in it. Like azriona said, not all bacteria is bad.
As long as you are washing your dishes in warm, clean water I don't see why they wouldn't get clean with just regular soap. Anti-bacterial soap hasn't been around forever and dishes still got clean:)
I use Method, BabyGanics and Seventh Generation cleaning products. They are all natural, biodegrable, and safe! If you're washing dishes in a dishwasher the heat from the water will be enough to kill most germs. As for handwashing dishes and washing hands, any soap will kill germs. Soap and the action of washing hands are enough to sort of "burst" the germs, which kills them and gets them off your hands.But, as was mentioned before, it's really not necessary to be super concerned about household germs. We don't use any antibacterial prouducts, we don't sanitize anything and our kids are incredibly healthy. They eat food off the floor, they chew on shopping cart handles, they really only wash their hands at bath time, and they have very strong immune systems because of all that. When they get sick the most that happens is they have a fever over night, even when they encounter a cold that knock my husband and I out for a week. Exposure to common germs is essential to a healthy, strong immune system.

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