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my seven year grandaughter cries to leave me for the last seven years

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My paternal grandaughter cries to go home to her single parent mother. It disturbs me alot and this has been since she was a baby. The mother says I spoil her, but that is incorrect I make sure her needs are met. This mother has not ever given her much attention only to yell, scream, and spank her. My son has a parenting plan where she comes over every weekend from Friday to Monday morning with her four year old brother. He says the same thing. She doesn't call the kids anymore on the weekend and doesn't seem to care about them but her boyfriends. Please help it breaks my heart as a grandmother to hear this. I do not spoil them, they get disciplined, however I do spend a lot if time with them teaching and learning them child things. For example, taking them to the park, swimming in my pool, etc.

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