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My son is 13 months & hes constantly hitting himself with his fists..?

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I saw your most recent post about this & i hadnt seen this one yet. So your son is just over a year old so i'd say the same ething i figured out with my son at this age. Hes getting a lot more control over his limbs & things so hes using that. If hes frustrated or upset when he hits then id say thats normal. hes at a the age where hes more aware of things but unable to get his way so he throws his arms around. What I did with my son was when hed hit me id gently grab his hand or arm & tell him its not nice to hit in a kinda firm voice. dont yell at him but your slight change of tone in your voice will alert him that your not happy. I hope this helps you like it helps me. Just remember hes old enough to be taught but i wouldnt act like hes in bug trouble. I hope this helps you like it did me.

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