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my son is 16 months old. He is not saying any words except mama.

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I would ask your dr if it is something that is bothering you.. I have a 19 month old and when we went in for her 18 month check up they said that she should be saying 10 words to be where she was suppose to be developmentally.. however some kids are just faster or slower on some things then others.. I personally wouldnt worry too much about it unlesss a dr told me I should be =)
Children "should" be saying about 10 words or so but we do need to remember those are guidelines to follow. Every child will develop at different speeds and hit the milestones at different ages. My second son was the same way he was very slow to use words. He understand wonderfully and perfectly but to repeat or use the vocab he was understanding didn't happen until this past summer. At that time he was 2 1/2 years. Cause he was so stubbon with words we started teaching him sign language so we can commuicate with the basic words (like please, thank you, eat, all done, milk, etc). When you have a doctor's appointment you can make note of it but really don't worry. Exactly what maddison09 says if doc says to worry then have some more concern then. In the mean time enjoy it as when they start it doesn't stop! (for my boys anyways!!)
I wouldn't worry too much. My son is 13 months and says mama, dada, and da (for Jack our dog). That's it. He understands really well and knows to go sit on his potty when I say the word, but as far as distinct words...not much. He jabbers constantly though! As with the previous answers..all babies develop at different times. My brother didn't start speaking until 3 years old. (Of course everyone was concerned by that point) But when he did start talking it was in complete sentences. No first words or anything. (granted that was a very late start)If there are other siblings it might be possible that they speak for him some? Or that he gets what he wants by pointing, grunting, etc. and feels no need to learn words.Also how much are you speaking to him? I tend to not talk as much and I think that is one reason my son hasn't learned more words. We sing and play and read, but I've heard it helps alot to talk out what we do....ex. "I am doing laundry now. I'm putting the dirty clothes in the washer so they can get clean."

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