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My son is 3 years old and still isn't talking. Is this normal?

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Um, no. He should be using full sentences by three years old. If I were you I would check with your local school district about screening programs. When my younger daughter was 3 she spent some time in speech class at the local elementary and it helped a ton. Good luck getting answers :)
you need to start by asking your pediatrician for a referral to a speech pathologist. Your son will need speech therapy, but depending on their daily environment, the talking should pick up pretty quickly. you may want to enroll him in preschool and tell them that your son has speech delay (which is most likely what the pathologist will say). you will need to stay on the school about developing a comprehensive IEP- individual education program, which may include both speech and behavioral therapy to help with social /communication skills. This happened to my nephew and that is where i am pulling the information from. stay on the doctors and the school, THEY CAN HELP good luck :)
i would need to know more information. does he make eye contact, does he inter act with others, does he make some effort to talk(sounds). im a nurse, he may have autism. you need to talk to your dr, maybe a physiologicst, behavior specialist, and a counselor.
My son also did not talk for a long time but once he started talking... his speech progressed very fast. Now, he is in first grade and does not have any problems with speech. But it is always a good idea to talk your doctor and make sure if every thing is OK.

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