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my son is 3yrs old, i need answer for the below question

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My Son is 3 yrs old, i observed a (very light) dark circle below his eyes, what is this problem? any solution is there to remove that? i need help from you please........... And one more thing, he used to see rhymes in front of our computer (LCD monitor)is this caused to above problem? waiting for your reply......

answers (2)

Could be from lack of sleep, nutrition, or staring at something bright for too long. There could be other reasons too but I can't think of any now. Do they hurt him? If so, bring him in right away. Don't want it to be a popped vien.
It could be nothing, dark circles are common in adults, even ones who have a healthy diet and get enough sleep. Make sure he's getting the proper nutrition, is getting enough sleep. Sometimes things like allergies can case dark circles. If they are new I would talk to his pediatrician about them, your son may need to see the doctor to get checked out.Also, what are "rhymes" in front of a computer screen?

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