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My son is 3yrs old,his weight=13kgs,height=91cms,is it underweight?

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All children develop differently. His height (91cm/36in) and weight (13kg/28.6lbs) sound proportional to me and if his pediatrician isn't concerned, there's no need for you to worry. There's not a whole lot you can do to make little ones gain weight. They eat when they're hungry. Make sure you're offering healthy foods throughout the day, young children have small stomachs and can't eat much at one time. Offer snacks in between meal times to make sure he gets enough to eat.Just for reference, my almost 3 year old daughter is 39 inches tall and about 30 pounds. My 15 month old son is 35 or 36 inches tall and is about 28 pounds, but he's a monster! All kids, even in the same family, are just different.
As long as his height and weight are proportional he's doing just fine. My daughter just turned three today and she weighs about 30 pounds and is at least 41 inches tall.

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