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My son is 5 and consistantly wets his pants nothing works HELP!

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My son is 5 and has been potty trained since he was 2. He has been wetting his pants 1-3 times for a while now and i have no idea what to do. He says he does not know when he has to go but I dont know if i should believe him or not. I have tried rewards, punishments, and bribes. You name it I've tried it. I'm very frustrated and have no idea what to do anymore.

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Take him to the doctor. There are medical conditions which make them not know when they need to go. It could also be stress if he has had alot going on in his life. The tests aren't fun, but worth it in the long run. I have a 4 year old with bladder problems, I understand how frustrating it can be!
You could try an alarm. this website sells alarms that attach to his undies and creates a loud noise when it detects moisture, it can tell the difference between pee and sweat. I've never tried it but I heard from everyone that has it works! read the website's review and decide.
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try putting froot loops in the toilet and making a game out of it as target practice then reward him after.try to have another male do the same with him and see if your son can beat him.make it fun for him,i know alot of people that tried this and it worked
As frustrating as this is for you, do not embarass him or dishonor him about it. It will only make it worse. Do take him to the Doctor. A child psychologist may be able to help as well if there is nothing wrong on the medical side. Get help, don't try to go this one alone.
he might have ADHD when you have ADHD when you have to pee your spine doesnt send the message to your brain to let you know you gotta pee thats what my nephew has and he does the same thing you should take him to the doctor and see what they say good luck! hope this helps! :)
Children, especially boys, often have this problem. Since this wetting is a recent development, and from your statement appears to occur during the day as well as at night, I would say the first thing to rule out is a urinary tract infection. If there is no infection, then it is probably a muscle issue which is very common in boys, who are growing quickly at this age. Make sure he uses the toilet every two hours (while he's awake) for two weeks to retrain his bladder and to make certain he is emptying his bladder every time. He may say that he doesn't feel like he has to go, but make him try, anyway. By the end of two weeks...a month at the most...if the problem is not cured, it's time to have him see a urologist. Hope this helps.

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