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My son is 6 months is it to early to be trying again?

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Wondering if it is to soon to be wanting another? How can i tell when i am most fertile with out buying a test?

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I think that determining if it is too soon or not is a personal decision and depends on your life and how close you want your children to be, my children are 17 months apart and seem to get along great but at the same time my oldest is a little too young to understand that when baby brother is crying that I have to stop reading her her book or whatever else we are doing and tend to him and that definitly adds to the stress too. I woudl say just have sex every few days and you should be able to hit when you are most fertile. That was how we ended up conceiving our youngest.. although I wouldnt say he was exactly planned we just werent doing anything to prevent it either.. good luck =)
Yes it's a matter of your our personal opinion and how close or far apart you want your children. Also it works around how and whats going on in your life too. Personally, for myself, I'd not have them that close together but that's me. I have 3 boys and they are all about 2-1/2 years apart. As for the feelings of wanting to have another that happens anytime. My youngest is 6 months, I'd love to have another but not now.... about 3 years or so.

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