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My son is 8 yrs old, and has never cried a single tear, why, help?

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I'v took him to eye doctors and Family Doctor, they basically told me, to wait until he is 1 year old, then, 2 year old, and here I am his already 8 years old and nothing, I'v looked online with no answer's as well, can someone provide me with some Information? Thank You

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I would take him back to your family doctor to get a referral to a specialist. As long as his eyes aren't overly dry I wouldn't be too concerned, but, and this is only from what I've seen on House, it could potentially be a sign of a more serious problem. It is abnormal for sure, but only a specialist will be able to tell you if it's serious.
my family doctor did referred me to a specialist, but she didn't answerer my question why, she just gave me artificial tears drops and told me to put that on, but the tear drops hurt i put some on my eyes just to see why he would yell and it burned my eyes, thanks, i think i should just change family doctor. thank you
Whether or not you want to change family doctors is one thing, but if the specialist is the one who gave you the burny eye-drops, why not go to a different specialist?  Any other family doc isn't necessarily going to know why your son's tear ducts aren't working, and would probably still refer you to a specialist.  I'd change specialists first.
I agree with azirona, find another specialist.
Try looking for a different doctor that is very weird and you need someone that can help. Are you certin he has never cried even when he was born or anything.
He was a premie He wight only 4 pound 6 oz. when he was born he did not cry, the doctor had to resuscitate him, he was not breathing, he was my first son, i did not know what to expect during his development, but i would always ask my family doctor Why, they would just tell me to wait, every kid develops different, but yes I'm sure and very sure, he never has cried one single tear, he gets upset  and trows his temper tantrums like all kids and yells and cries but no tears, not even when he was small you know, when baby's cry for there bottle or a dipper change, he would cry as well but with no tears, just  don't understand why, everything under then that is good with his health his a very smart kid, he was not born with no down syndrome or anything like that, but thanks, i will look for another specialist, i find out whats going on
i am pretty sure a regular eye doctor can not handle this i agree with the other post specialist as long as it isnt dangereously dry i think its O.K.

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