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is my son above average?

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He's now 23 months old. He can count objects to 25, 40 with help. He can even add multiple objects, like if he is counting cars and he throws in two or three, he will say the right number, right away. He's known all his colors since about a year and can mix yellow and blue to make green if asked. He's known all his letters since about 16 months and knows all the letter sounds. He can tell you what just about any word starts with. He knows over 50 sight words and has, on occasion, sounded words out. He can do a 9 piece jigsaw puzzle by himself, and a 28 piece with help. His memory is good. We went bowling over a week ago and he can still tell me the color ball he used, amd mine too. He's very over energetic, unless he's focused on something, then he screams of you interrupt. Usually he's looking at books or counting everything. He's never liked to dance, but he sits intently and listens to music he likes, he listens so closely it's almost like he's stopped seeing. Pink Floyd, Florence and the machine, and Michael buble are a few of his favorites. I know he's ahead of my friends Kids that are about the same age. He speaks In near complete sentences and tell stories. I didn't really Think about it until the other day when he started telling a cashier all the number aisles lights that were on or off and she made a fuss about it. Then I started looking online and kind of freaked myself out about it. Ive never been around kids too much and I don't know where to go from here. Should I try to get him into preschool next year?

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