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My son is almost 3 and hits and scratches me and laughs, need help!

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my daughter does that. I usually just grab her hand, look her in the eye with a stern face and tell her no in a mean mommy voice. She does it a lot less now, but she's learning. They usually will be upset just because they know they've displeased you.
Hahahaha. Little baby but their hit isn't as little as use to be..You may grab his hand like necia.....Thanks
Oh another thing you can do to be save is wearing heavy dress. So your son won't be able to hit you as hard as he wants.lolThanksTarget baby registry
I agree with using a stren voice and saying no, but try not to make a big deal of it.  He may enjoy the reaction he gets, he is old enough to put in time-out if he is doing it often enough. a minute for every year old he is, sit him down get eye level and explain why he is time out "When you hit Mommy it hurts, it is not ok to hit" keep it simple or you will loose him. After the 2 minutes explain to him again and tell him you love him.
I agree with KayKaysMommy. They say that when they are hitting, biting, scratching, pulling hair, or whatever else, it's best not to react like it hurts or draw too much attention to the event. Tell him "No." sternly. I would not say that I am against spanking, as I was spanked myself (it must have done some good! Lol) but younger children don't understand why it's okay for Mommy or Daddy to hit, while they can not. So I would say a spanking would be an inappropriate punishment for hitting, biting, ect. 
i never spanked my daughter for hitting or biting. i would block the bites with her arm, causing her to bite herself. when she would swing at me, i grabbed her arm and told her, "you don't hit mommy" same thing with the scratching, just grab his arm. my daughter never scratched me, just bit and hit.
He needs some firm discipline. When he does this you need to give him an immediate time out every single time.

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