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My son constantly asks 'What If." Is this normal?

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My son is five years old and his curiosity is driving me crazy! I want to encourage him, but sometimes the questions are just ridiculous. The other day he asked me "What if everyone were blind and some people were naked?" But it isn't just these random curiosity questions, when he wants something and I tell him he can have it at a later time, he asks "What if I am good and you give it to me now?" I have never heard a child do this before. How should I respond to the latter questions, as I just want to say the answer doesn't matter because it isn't happening.

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It sounds like normal curiosity to me. Little kids are weird. They say weird things, ask weird questions and do weird things. That's just part of their awesomeness.As far as asking for things goes, just tell him that he has to be good to get whatever it is that he wants and that you'll give it to him when the time is appropriate. Give an explanation if you can for why he has to wait. The more you explain the situation the more likely he'll be to accept your answer.
i have had 10 children go through the what if stage one going through it now its perfectly normal they just want to know everything and they have an unbelivable imaganation at this age its perfectly ok
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