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my son doesn't want to bathe after a traumatic experience in the bath

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What happend to him? 
hello gollymissmolly im new to this websit wasnt sure how to answer you question but the few times dad has given brayden a bath he does ok until recently, he was rinseing brays hair and poured too much water and got water and soap in his eyes nose and mouth soo now he doesnt want to have anything to do with bath time
Babies R Us carries little foam visors that help keep water out of kids eyes during bath time. Both of my kids have gone through similar experiences. I think most kids do at some point. My kids would flip out when it came to washing their hair because they hadn't learned how to look up so that water didn't get in their faces. It took a little time but they eventually figured it out and now they both love bath time.For now, try getting some new bath toys and just have a positive attitude. That will help get him more enthusiastic about taking baths. Then, when it comes time to wash his hair use one hand to shield his face from the water and try to get him to look up so the water doesn't go into his face.
tell him to close his eyes! it's that simple. you don't need a foam visor. i would hardly call that a traumatic experience... take him to wal mart or the dollar store to pick out some cheap bath toys like rubber ducks and such.
all baby soaps are tear free, so try to use those instead of regular shampoo to wash his hair. if and when it does get into his eyes, it won't burn. tell him to keep his mouth shut too, when you rinse his hair.
I would use a wash clothe over the eyes. That is why my mom did with me and I do it wil my daughter. She went through the same thing but the wash cloth helped keep some out and she also could not see me coming with the water so she would not tense up.
I suggest getting tear free shampoo or putting a wash clothe over his eyes when you rinse his hair.
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