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my son is a month old at night he screams like he is in pain, why?

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we have switched formula 3 times due to constipation and it has worked, but now around 9 pm till 1 am or so he screams like he is in pain and I can not figure out what is wrong. This is the reason that they keep changing his formula but nothing is solving his screaming at night. My husband and I have not gotten a full nights sleep in a month....Help

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Try infant gas drops, milacon drops or little tummies work great.  When he really gets rilled up give him some drops and then gently take your hand (palm) across his tummy and rub in a counterclockwise motion.  Start with the heal of your hand, roll with the outside of your fingers, then finger tips, then to thumb.  Continue to do this for a few minutes and it should help relieve the pain and pressure.
He could have colic. Gas drops help but not enough if he has colic. Massage, vibration, and heat will all help too. Warm a towel and use a back massager on it on your baby's back or tummy. It should help him some but if he has colic there won't be much of anything that releives his pain all the way. I would definitely talk to the dr and see what they recommend. Tell them that just changing his formula isn't working. Good luck :)
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My second child did the same thing.  Gas drops helped a little bit but finally we found out that he had reflux.  So while he was laying in bed he was basically getting heartburn and it was so painful, he was crying.  A pacifier helped once we found out what was going on and so did switching to MAM bottles because for us, they had him ingesting the smallest amount of air.  Also you might want to try and put a small blanket under the mattress so that he is at a slight angle....gravity might help if that is the issue.
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