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my son penis

3 answers
my son is 20 years old and his penis is very huge but it is uncircumcision now i am his mom therefore i want circumcision his penis where can i do it

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I'm not sure if I understand. You want to be the one to cut off your sons foreskin? Because he's an adult, he's gotta be on board. Personally I don't like circumsision, only because I think body parts shouldn't be cut off. But at that age, it's his choice. I don't think you should cut it off because you are not a doctor.
Yeah, I'm a little confused as well. At 20 years old, your son is old enough to be making his own decisions. If he wants it, fine. If not, that's his choice.Now, if you meant 2 years, or 20 months, or something like that, that's a different story. But, even then, most US doctors are not going to perform a circumcision on a child that old unless there is a medical reason for it. Most doctors don't want to do it after a baby is about 2 weeks old. And, nowhere in the US is there a place that will allow you to perform it yourself. It simply isn't safe. There are risks associated with the procedure even when it's done by a professional in a sterile setting. But for a parent to do it, I don't even want to think about the potential for life-altering problems. I heard about a mother who tried to do one on her baby at home, just so she could save the $300 it costs. She permanently and severly injured her baby. This, like any other surgical procedure, is something that only a doctor or highly trained rabbi should do.
i hope this isn't a joke as it is a serious subject and very contraversial. if it isn't then this is a private conversation you should be having with your adult son. he can give you the answers you are looking for.

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