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My son started pre-school and started hitting

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Lex started school 2 weeks ago. (He's now 2.5) The second day he hit 2 children. He was off sick mon-tue this week and got back today. Then he hit another child. We got home and he hit the cat, and then me when I corrected him. He has never been one to hit, and I have no idea what's going on. Is this something he sees bigger kids in class doing or is it a "nature" (rather than "nurture") thing?

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The first thing i thought when i read this that he was probably influenced by someone else. I am not saying that he is being influenced by something at your home but it could be a possibility. You need to talk to him and tell him that if he is going to be mean and hit people he is not going to make friends at school. Now i know no mother wants this but it might get him to stop. Another thing you could do is tell him that if he is going to hit people (or the cat) that he cannot do something he loves like go to grandma's, or go to the park, you know something like that. At this point if he is hitting you you need to put your big mama pants on and punish him. I don't mean like hitting him or anything just like taking away his favorite toy or not letting him watch his favorite show. Hope this helps! Good Luck.
Is this Lex's first experience in a school or day care setting? Especially at the ages of 2-3 it is not uncommon for children to start hitting. It has nothing to do with you or what you have taught him to date. If he hasn't been around 10-20 other 2-3 year olds who are often trying to play with the same toys with limited ability to verbally communicate or without fully having learned the art of sharing. Often a natural reaction as they get frustrated with a situation is to hit. If Lex has had you around in most instances to defuse those situations he may not have had the opportunity yet to figure out how to handle those frustrating situations on his own. Here is an interesting article that talks about hitting..... I think the key is to continue to teach your child that this is not acceptable behavior and to explain to him how to deal with frustrating situations. For my twins, we taught them to say the word calm in a very calming voice. I am not going to say that it works 100% of the time as they have ended up yelling "calm" at eachother at times, but we have definitely seen a trun for the better while watching the situations where they are competing over the same toy.

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