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my son will be 5 weeks wednesday and is always crying unless held..

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Ok my son will be 5 weeks as of wednesday and we are having trouble with him. He is very fussy all the time. He is only happy is he is being held or rocked. Atleast for the majority of the time. We never had this problem with our daughter she was a very content baby. I feel awful letting him cry because he gets so worked up his little face turns red and he is crying but there is no sound anymore if that makes sense. I woudlnt have an issue with holding him most of the time other then the fact that we have an 18 month old and I find it hard to hold him and be making her lunch or something since I am home alone all day, and now I have school classes starting back up again and will be trying to balance even more. He does seem to be very gassy, the little guy farts so loud you can hear it across the room! So I have been trying gas drops, mylicon I believe they are called but I am not sure that they are working. He doesnt pull his legs up to his chest as I would expect if he had gas. I am hoping that some other moms have suggestions for me =) And I am also breastfeeding if that matters at all, have been supplementing formula but that is less then once a day and only when I cant be around... thanks I appreciate your help ladies!

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My daughter was the same, eventually I had to do most my stuff while she was asleep. But somedays I take her in her swing or bouncer to wherever I am that so she can see me, and I will have the tv, radio , or a toy that makes sound to entertain her some. You could also try and get one of the carriers you put on you, strap him on that way he is still with you but your hands are free!!! You should though sometimes to let him cry it out as long as you can take it, so he doesn't always think if he cries that you will pick him up , cause itll get worse!! As for the gas, keep doing what you are doing with the mylicon. You could put a little gripe water(safe just like mylicon) in his bottle when you do the formula, or you can try a sensitive soy formula so its a bit easier on his tummy.hope this helps.
Thanks so much, it helps just to know I am not alone.. and I am going to try some of your advice and let you know how it works =)
I had/have the same problem.  Try to eliminate dairy from your diet.  It has helped us quite a bit.
Sounds like a high needs infant. I would put this baby in a tight swaddle, teach him to take a paci bewteen feedings, then let him swing with white noise in the background. Continue to breastfeed him on demand. If he is getting enough to eat, he should fall asleep or be content after feedings and be having a least 6 wet diapers and 4 stools daily. Realize there are times when you will have to let him cry, try not to be so hard on yourself. Accept all the help you can get for your toddler in the next few months until baby grows out of this fussy stage. Also make sure you discuss this with your babydoctor so you can rule out any medical issues that can cause excessive fussiness.
I agree with the swaddle. Also when my son had troubles pooping.....we were told  to lay him on his back and do "bicycle" motions with his little legs. Sounds silly I know but it worked.......very Was told it would also help with gas. Hope this helps!
Please rule out acid reflux with your doctor.  I know several moms that had multiple children where one had it and the others didn't.  My Aunt said if her first son cried as much as her second (with acid reflux) she would have stopped at one!
5 week old babies are "high-needs" babies by design... you know your role for him right now is to meet his basic needs...allowing such a young infant to "cry it out" is he fed? is he too cold? is he too warm?  Is he over-stimulated?  Is he understimulated?  Does he need to burp? Is he in a position that helps him feel safe and secure?  (Swaddled or in a baby carrier close to your heart, the one he heard for 9 months 9well at least 4 or 5) I mean, he is ONLY 35 DAYS old.  A baby this small can not get "spoiled" by holding him "too much"...he has no concept of cause and effect like a 6-9 month old baby is starting to figure out...he just knows he's not happy... Our daughter was 18 m old when our son was is not an easy road you have chosen, but letting a 5 week old cry it out will only make it worse because instead of meeting his needs and helping him feel more secure, you are enhancing those feelings by leaving him alone...
My daughter was also very fussy.  It was so confusing because our son had also been a content, happy baby.  At 5 weeks, my little girl was diagnosed with acid reflux and a milk protein allergy.  The protein allergy is easy to detect with a stool sample.  Babies with this problem have traces of blood in their stool that can not usually be seen.  Talk to you pediatrician.  Whether there is a medical problem or if he is just a "high needs" baby, it will get better.  Take care of yourself.
Also, if you have a breast pump, try pumping for just a minute before nursing.  Sometimes, a mother has too much foremilk, which can cause a stomachache. 
im so glad it helped you, and no your deff not alone ha ha!!


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