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my sons been so sick lately, havent had a chance to sleep..

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my son has had a really high fever and has been vommiting so i took him to the emergancy room sunday we stayed there for a day than we got home tuesday than i had to take him again yesturday and since hes gotten sick ive done everything i can to try and get him better idont like seen my son sick becasue hes only 1 and since hes been sick i havent gotten any sleep and he hasnt either any help advice things i can do.?? i need some sleep!! its so hard to stay awake at school

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Did you get a diagnosis or any kind of medication from the ER? If not, he needs to be seen by another doctor. No baby should be sick for this for you not getting sleep, see if you can have family help out. Or, just tough it out. Being a parent is rough and we all have to suck it up and take care of our kids and our other responsibilities.

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