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My sons bowel movements have been really green whats this from?

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It can be a change in his diet. Also milk/dairy products. Depends on age too as infants bowel movements do change as they get older with diet changes and such.
It depends on the age of your child and what you are doing for feeding. With breast feed children if they aren't getting enough of the hind milk(after sucking for 10 minutes minium)the bowelments are green as they are getting more fore milk (sucking that is done within the first 10 minutes). As I introduced new foods to my son this also started to change the colour to more of a greeny colour until his body started getting familiar with the food he was eating then it when return to the more yellow colour stool. If really concerned call the local heath unit or sick kids hot line they are great for answering questions or concerns and certainly help me feel more capable mom then I felt at some points.
It's probably from whatever he has been eating.
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