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My soon to be 11monthold will not eat baby food. what can i feed him?

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he love to eat what we eat so, I have been giving that to him but is it ok. He just screams when I try to feed him baby food. Some of the stuff I make would upset his belly please give me options. I don't remember what I feed my older too it has been so long ago and things have changed.

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At 11 months a child can be eating table foods as long as they are in small pieces (about the size of your pinkie finger nail) and are soft. Fruits and vegetables, pasta, cheese, and meats are great things for him to be eating. Give him a wide variety of foods now and he'll be less likely to be a picky eater later on. Don't add salt to his food and don't add too many spices.
What V said, it is fun for baby and easy for you. They can eat when you eat and they love being part of the action. My son is only 7 months and we have started this. If I am making something spicy or not really baby friendly I will feed him baby food and give him something to snack while we eat otherwise he wants me to hold him so he can try to steal food off my plate. Maybe cook a handful of pasta a little longer so it is a little softer.  I would avoid hard foods like nuts and stuff that is chewy.
At 11 months your baby can eat everything you can as long as its not to spicy and its small enough for them. I was giving my kids stuff like vegetables and fruits pastas and soft small peices of meat. If you baby is starting to get teeth they can eat some crunchy foods if your watching them. Some babies don't get teeth for a while so they can only have mushy foods.  If your going to give him regular food you should try to make healthy and delicious foods that your child can have. I always got chunk chicken and mixed it in with avacado and gave it to my babies, then if you get tortillas and you can put yours on a tortilla so your still eating the same thing but you don't have to eat it by itself because it is a little plain.You can also make a salad with things like boiled eggs,tomatos,spinach leaves,chicken,bell peppers,  and give the baby vegies that he can eat. If you make meals you  like but also has something your baby can eat everyones happy.
I have an 11 month old and she doesn't really like the baby food too much either. I feed her bananas, avocado, small bites of meat, I also make soups with small pasta in it and she LOVES those. Mac and cheese or green beans with a little cheese melted on them are also some of her favorites.  
Everyone is giving you all the advice you need to follow. As for the spice part it is ok to give them spice. It's a newer thing to be able to do so but it's ok. I have gone throught this same thing with my 3rd but sort of the opposite. He wouldn't eat anything that wasn't in a jar and store bought, not even what I made and put in a jar. With patience and time and consistency trying over, over, over, and over again. They will get it and it'll work out. :)
as long as he still drinks formula it should be ok to give him reg fod. My daughter is 8 mnths and she eats everything. baby food, formula, nutri grain bar and toast.she used to be picky but not any more! 

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