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My Three year-old is asking to have her ears pierced.

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She just turned 3 and is fairly responsible for a 3 year old, however I'm concerned that they might have some negative side effects especially when tumbling around with her little sister. Are there any pros and cons I should know of before we make our final decision?

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It is easier to get them pierced when they are younger (or so I'm told). If you do decide to get them done, they may be sensitive for the first few days. As long as they are small studs, there shouldn't be a problem when they goof off together. I got my daughter's done when she was eight months and she barely ever pulled at her ears. But she figured out how to get them out of her ears. We switched to earrings for sensive ears and haven't had a problem since. She doesn't even realize they are there anymore.
i had mine done at 3 after pleading with my mother for weeks. explain the process to her, and make sure to keep them clean. you can't expect a 3 year old to take on this task by herself. they make earrings with screw on/screw off backs, and also ones that push on/screw off. you don't need to take her to a piercing pagoda to get it done. go to sally's beauty supply, and pick up an ear piercing kit for around $20.

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