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My three year old daughter is very shy

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When she is in front of people she starts crying and it is getting very bad and if I put her on stage for a ballet show she runs off crying as soon as she sees people

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I don't really have any advice, but some kids are just like that. my little guy (now almost 6) went through a shy stage. He was so outgoing and would talk to any stranger for no reason at all and then he hit maybe 3 and was shy as could be, he would hide behind me and not answer people when they spoke etc. but now he has grown out of that again and so maybe your daughter is going through a phase...? has she always been like this? All I can suggest is don't push her she may out grow it or she may not. encourage her to not be scared but I wouldn't push the issue too much because it could cause her to retreat into her shell even more. Are you or her father (if he is in the picture) shy? kids tend to follow in the parents shadows also.
Lots of kids go through this stage. They're getting to the point of assessing people and situations, and how to act accordingly in a given situation. For example, they may act one way when with their family but understand that they may need to act differently when in public. The young years are full of more learning experiences than us adults sometimes realize. Because of this children sometimes have a hard time knowing or understanding how to deal with being in a situation with multiple people, especially people that they do not know well. I agree with cresteds, though, pushing your daughter into public performance situations could make this stage that much harder on her. It's great that she's in ballet, that could even help her to overcome her shyness, but forcing her to perform when you know that it upsets her may be more tramatic than necessary. While it's important to foster development in all areas of the spectrum, sometimes you have to sit back and let them set the pace. Best of luck to you! :-)
Shyness is completely normal for toddlers and preschoolers. My daughter is 2 1/2 and she loves to dance and sing but as soon as she's in front of other people she freezes up. Chances are this is just a phase for your daughter and she'll grow out of it eventually. At this point I wouldn't push her into things like dance performances because she just isn't ready for something like that. You can either wait for the phase to pass or you can ease her into being comfortable around others. Try getting friends or other family members together and let her get to know them. Once she's warmed up to them you can ask her to show off her special skills like dancing. We do this with our daughter and it seems to be working. She still gets shy around people when she first meets them but she's getting better.

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