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My three year old doesn't want to live with me

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I recently had to move out of my parents house because of a health issue caused by the house, my daughter moved with me into my aunt's house temporarily until we can get a new home. Suddenly she decided she would rather live with grandma and grandpa. It started with her going over for a sleep over and grandpa asking if she was spending the night and she said, 'no. I'm staying.' now it's even difficult to get her to talk on the phone with me at night. It wouldn't even be so bad that she wanted to move back with them because we've always lived with them, but she made it very clear that she wanted to go live with them by herself and didn't want me to come back because she says she does not need me and does not miss me. My heart is shattered by this and i don't know what i did to trigger this. Am i just such a wretched mother that she really just can't stand living with me anymore? She was still breastfeeding when she went to go stay with grandma and grandpa and even that won't tempt her into coming back.

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