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my twins insist on us counting their bites to get them to eat. bad?

2 answers
My twin girls age 4 insist that the father sit next to them at supper and then at the end of the meal, almost every time, they insist on someone counting their bites to get them to finish. Should this behavior be changed? Is this a signal behavior of some kind or are my wife and I worried about nothing?

answers (2)

the good thing is that they are eating their veggies without too much of a fight. however, the reason the behavior continues, is because you have allowed it to. at some point, they need to learn to eat on their own, without mom and dad counting every last bite. try explaining to them that they need to eat, and you are not going to count bites in order for them to eat. it's just something they need to do. we eat for the purpose of nourishment and energy. hope this helps, good luck.
There may not be anything to be worried about from a behavioral standpoint, but it sure sounds irritating. I would do something to get this to stop.

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