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My two year old daughter hates changing, showering and is so stubborn?

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My 27 month daughter is a strong headed child, she will cry/whine for anything and everything. She goes to daycare where all her teachers state that she is really good and behaves well. HOwever, at home its the opposite, she will have tantrums over anything we say NO too. She is a beautiful/smart 2 year old, but there are days when she is just out of control and I do not know what to do? She hates getting ready in the morning, she likes to always stay in her PJs, which is not possible! I have to forcefully change her, I have tried giving her options, but if the option is not another PJ, she will NOT put it on. She has her favorites and that lasts for sometime then its replaced with something else. I try to talk to her soft/smoothly, but then she gets be frustrated. I dont want my child to be disobidient. She should listen and not say NO to everything! I do put her to bed at 8:30 but she does not sleep until 9 or later, while she stays in her bed watching TV. What can I do to improve her ?

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She should not have a tv in her bedroom and she absolutely should not stay up watching it. My 3 year old and 18 month old both get a bath at 7pm and are in bed by 7:30 or 8, no later. If your daughter has to get up early in the morning she needs to be asleep earlier. If she gets enough sleep she may not be so disagreeable in the mornings.As far as the tantrums go, she's a 2 year old, it's to be expected. My kids behave perfectly in public but are less wonderful at home. It's normal. Kids this age like to please other people and that means they test boundaries at home. All you can really do is stay consistent with your discipline and your rules. It's frustrating to go through phases like this, but that's what kids do. Your daughter is maturing and discovering that she has some independence from you and she's just trying to explore that.I'm a stay at home mom and I'm constantly correcting and discipling my kids. My husband told me the other day that he thinks all I do is yell at them. (I don't really yell.) I feel that way too a lot of the time, but they're prefect in public so I'm obviously doing soemthing right. As kids become toddlers the unconditional love we showered on our little babies has to turn into discipline and guidance in order to keep our kids well behaved and to help them develop into the great adults they will one day become. It's a lot of work, and even though it sucks to feel like you're always arguing or being mean to your kids it's just what you have to do if you're going to be a responsible, good parent. I'd love to play games with my kids all day long and I hate when my daughter screams and throws tantrums. But when I look at what she's screaming about (being told to eat the banana she asked for, told to put away a toy or to stop hitting her little brother) I know I'm doing what's right as a parent.

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