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My two year old won't stop biting his sister. HELP!

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My two year old son is continually biting only his sister and no matter what we do he just won't stop. What ways can we teach him not to bite? We have tried talking to him, time out, extra naps, and lose of privilages. Are we missing something?

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We were having the same problem with my son. I tried everything you had. unforuntely the only thing that worked for us was to tap hes checks and tell him no bites then sit him on the chair for a time out. I only lightly tap hes check you dont need to slap or hit it just a light tap
I give my little girl a smack and she will stop
When a child bites it must be addressed immediately.  If he is biting for fun or just to get a reaction then he needs to understand that this is not acceptable behavior and a simple time out or tap or the cheek may work. (Every child is different and reacts to dicipline differently) If the child bites because he is angry then he needs to be taught how to express his anger in a more appropriate way.  Teaching him to use his words to express his anger & get help from an adult/parent can often remedy the situation, especially when he is praised for not biting if the same situation occurs again. If the child continues to bite after all other methods have been exhausted the more serious consequences must be considered.

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