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My ultrasound says I'm 19 1/2 weeks but my uterus measure is 22 weeks

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I went in to my monthly appoinment yesterday and my doctor measured my stomach to see where my uterus was in progression.... She said I'm at 22 weeks by that measurement and she seemed confused, but they've changed my due date so many times she said she'll go by the ultrasound most recent ultrasound I had. I'm not a big girl so it's easy to feel where my uterus is, so I know she measured right.... Has anyone else had this experience?

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At my last appointment I was 28 weeks and measured 31 weeks. If you're measuring 3 weeks above or below your gestational age you're in the normal range. How your uterus measures depends on a lot of things like your baby's position, how much fluid you have and many other factors. It's normal for fundal height (the measurement of your uterus) to change from appointment to appointment. Sometimes your baby will be vertical, which can make you measure big, sometimes your baby will be horizontal, which will make you measure small. Basically, the measurement is used as a guide to see how your baby is growing. It won't always be even with your baby's gestational age and that's normal.You're within the normal range and if your doctor isn't concerned you shouldn't worry. 

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