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My Umbilical Cord?

4 answers
I am pretty sure that i just pulled one end of my umbilical cord out. What does that mean?

answers (4)

You should probably go to the hospital!
yea i would call ur doc..the umbilical cord is attatched to the baby and the placenta so im not sure how u thnk u pulled it?? but i wuld call the doc if u think somethings wrong
I don't know if thats possible since both ends are attached to something. Maybe it is just a mucus plug?I would def call your doc!
Agreed! Go to the hospital, especially if you think it's the cord. If it's the cord, which I am not sure it can be as it's attached at both ends, it will look whiteish grey rope like. Like Redstilts saying muscus plag maybe?

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