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Is My Water Slowly Breaking?

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I am 7 months this week. A couple weeks ago I started noticing that I leak water-like fluid sometimes. It doesn't happen after I do anything specific, and I haven't been doing anything out of the ordinary. I might have heard that your water can break slowly over the course of a certain amount of time (unfortunately that's all I can remember haha!) but I wasn't sure if this is what they meant? I feel I'm too early for it to be breaking. Could it just be my body's way of making sure everything stays clean down there? It's not thick by any means, doesn't have a foul smell and it's clear. Any ideas?

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it may be amnitotic fluid. which wouldnt be good..have u told ur doc?
ask your doctor just to make sure :)
I am six and a half weeks along and had the same thing a few weeks ago.  I called my doctor and the nurse told me that your discharge can vary daily or even throughout the day.  I was told to put on a fresh panty liner or pad and if it was saturated after several hours to go straight to labor and delivery.  I was also told to go straight to the hospital if I had any pain or water gushing.So far everything has been fine.  If you are worried, I would call your doctor to make sure everything is good.  Hope this helps.Good luck!
Previous post should say six and a half months, not six and a half weeks.  Sorry!
You should call your doctor just to check in on it.
Thank you everyone :)) I ended up going to ER just incase, and they said it was just a change in discharge, thank goodness!

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