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need help

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I had a normal period in may of 2011. Then i started my period on june 1st 2011 til june 6th 2011 and i had emergency surgery on june 10th 2011. They took my galbladder out then i was suppose to start my period on june 29th 2011 and i never did. Here it is july 7th and no period yet. Should i be worried that i am pregnant or what? I am so confused i have never missed a period yet. Help me

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Stress can mess your period up, and surgery is super stressful. If your really worried about it take a test or have your doctor do a blood test for more acurate results.
I agree stress can definitely mess up your period, i know from experience. & surgery, plus the recovery, is stressful on your body & mind. But being so late if I were you id take a pregnancy test just to see. idk about your dr but mine offers free walk in pregnancy tests. & whether its positive or negative id talk to your dr about it to mabe get some advice  peace of mind. hope things work out good for you

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