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Need help deciding on a stroller!!

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Hey everyone! I have joined the website in hopes of receiving useful tips involving parenthood. I am 23 weeks pregnant and need help deciding on a stroller. My first choice was the Orbit Baby G2, but when I saw it in person I wasn't too fond of the bulkiness and lack of storage that accompanied the stroller. I live in Portland, OR and walking is practically religion. That was the only stroller that I reviewed and need help choosing others. I guess i'll tell you a little about me: As previously mentioned, I live in Portland, and walking is very important to me. I want a stroller that has a smooth ride/push, preferably a nice one handed push. As for when I do drive, I own a Prius which does have a small trunk. Which strollers have fold up small and easily? I am tall (5 ft.10 and my husband is 6 ft.4), but I'm not sure if height is important when purchasing a stroller. Is it? Storage is important to me as I want a nice large basket because of my over-bountiful shopping addiction. I want a rear and front facing stroller because I'm afraid that the baby might see too much too young and become completely horrified. Other than that, I am completely oblivious as to what factors are important when purchasing a stroller. Please help! Any suggestions are welcome! :)

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Uppababy Vista or Uppababy Cruz... we have the vista and live in the UK, we love it! Its easy to push, sturdy, extermely well built with a tight turning circle, ideal for when you are shopping along an aisle It can cope with the countryside, pavement (sidewalks), beach and most importantly it is designed in mind for taller parents, the creator was a dad that stood at well over 6ft Plus it comes with raincover for the stroller and the pram, a shade cover with SPF of 50+ again on both the stroller seat and pram The baby pram can be used a newborn crib for overnight use, it has an insect cover for both sets and the seat is really big so great for a taller child or as the child gets older The stroller can be rear and forward facing, you can by a seperate seat to create a double buggy for when baby no.2 comes along so the older child sits in the additional seat My favourite though is the HUGE basket underneath, great for putting all of your shopping and groceries in if you are doing lots of walking :)

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