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Need help with potty training a stubborn 3 1/2 year old.

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I have a 3 1/2 year little girl who is stubborn as can be with potty training. We've been attempting potty training for the last couple of months. She goes to day care and is in pull ups. I know what they all go potty and she does sit on the toilet. When we get home we put underpants on and she rarely has an accident. Good news right... She even sits on the potty... Great news right... Well... she's never gone potty in the toilet. She recognizes that she has to go and that she shouldn't have an accident but we can't seem to get her relaxed enough to release on the potty. We've tried running water, playing in warm water, playing with a tablet or watching a movie on the tablet and she'll sit there for awhile but still has never gone. I even tried tickling to see if she'd "have an accident" and nothing. We're at our wits end. Anyone have any good suggestions?

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She may be stubborn--but it sounds more like she's scared. If you're using a regular potty with a child seat, make sure she has a stool for her feet--this helps kids feel more secure. Let her watch you or an older sibling. My biggest advice is to make the potty a pleasant experience. Try to take all the stress and anxiety out of it--the more she stresses, the harder it will be. It's ok to take a break for a couple weeks and come back to it. And when you try again, dedicate a couple days to naked potty training (see my link below). You're on the upper side of the age range, but still nothing to really worry about. I wrote a blog post about this here: Let me know if it helps! -Chad Blog: Twitter: @chadhayesmd

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