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Need help on what to do about next step on potty training.

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We have a soon to be 3 year old little girl. We have been potty training her since age 2. We thought we had been doing pretty good with just a few accidents here and there. Bed time was our only hurdle, so we thought. But recently she has been wetting her pants atleast 3 times a day. She is still wetting her bed atleast every other day sometimes she would go as long as 3 days with not accidents at night. She seems to know that she has to go pee but she just sits in one spot and pees and then trys to hide and continues doing what she was doing. We dont have any poop accidents, just pee. My husband and i are thinking maybe we should put her back in pull ups atleast at night time. But every one i talk to says to never put them back in diapers or pull ups after they have been in underwear. We are especially worried to do this since shes been in underwear for almost a year and we dont want to confuse her. If anyone has any ides on how you can help us please let us know.

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Going pack to training pants doesn't hurt anything. We started potty training our oldest daughter at 18 months and we had similar issues after about a year. Finally, we had to give in and give her a piece of candy for every successful trip to the bathroom. Just one small candy, like and m&m, worked really well.
put her in training pants at least at night time. would you rather have in a pull up at night or wake up every night changing wet sheets? i was against the candy rewards when i began to potty train my nearly 3 year old daughter. we started her at around 18-19 months, and it has been a battle. i have tried everything else but candy. she knows what to do, but clearly it's not on her agenda, so she fights me tooth and nail. i put up a sticker chart but the effect faded quickly. at this point, i'm ready to bribe her with candy if that's what it will take.
The rewarding works. When my now 6 year old was training I would reward her with a piece of candy, a sticker or something I know she'd like. And the bed wetting were harder. I didn't go back to the pull ups but I was a avid goer at night. So when I go she goes to. But even til this day she has a little accident every now and then but that's because she's afraid of the dark. She has to work up her nervous to fight the dark by then it's coming down. Potty training is the hardest to enforce but patients is key.

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