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In Need of A Middle Name to go with Cassandra? Any Suggestions?

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my boyfriend and I are naming our little girl "Cassandra ____ Smythe" .. we can't think of a good middle name to go for her.. my middle name is Lynn and my boyfriend's middle name is Lee... I'm not really picky .. I just need a few ideas cuz I can't seem to find a good middle name. Please help.. and thanx! ~Amy~

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funny you said his middle name is Lee, because i was thinking Lee, or Leigh, but something one-syllable would sound nice because Cassandra is so long. Lynn would be good too, or if you don't want to use the same as yours or his just look at other short ones . . . Marie would be pretty too, or another short 2-syllable one  . . . because Cassandra ends in a vowel i would pick one that starts in a consonant and ends in a vowel . . . they always seem to flow better when you do that. just my thoughts. :) good luck!
nicole is nice for mid name
Marie would go very nice with Cassandra.
Try connecting both your names.  Cassandra Leelynn Smythe.  Since she is part of both of you.
i like jewel
You could try Michelle
i like lee, nicole, michelle,  ann, marie, denise, sharee, capri, nick name cc lol, kaylee, reese, rain, just to name a few hope u like sum of the names and think there unique. good luck.
raye, leah, skye, elise
I love the idea of combining your two middle names.Cassandra Lynlee Smythe - very elegant, and unique.
Hi,MaybeLauren, Leigh, Lynn, Madison, Paige, or Valentina


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