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In need of some name help.

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I can't decide on a name for my baby girl. It's driving me crazy because with both my kids I knew their names immediately, even before I knew their genders. So this indecision is very unsettling for me. My husband has already decided which name he likes best and while it's been my favorite too, I'm just not sure. The three names we've been considering are: Vivienne, Rosalie, and Nora. What do you think?

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Vivienne is elegant and beautiful...Rosalie is very popular due to the twilight series right now so she would be one of many in her school class in the future...Nora is a nickname for Eleanora and is very popular in sweden and England, so it would be unique here in the states... But kinda reminds me of an older women...As you can tell by my comments my vote is Vivienne
We use the Social Security names database to check on the popularity of names, both nationally and in our state. Rosalie is well out of the top 100, it's really not popular at all, especially in New Mexico, where we live. (Spanish names are the most popular here.) I'm torn between Vivienne and Rosalie. I just can't figure out which I like better and when I think I've made up my mind it changes the next day. I'm thinking I'll just have to wait until i meet her...
Venture, Based on previous postings you probably don't like me much but why not do a first name-middle name combo? Unless you already have a middle name picked out! Vivienne Rosalie (last name) or Rosalie vivienne (last name) Also based on experience you might want to broaden your choices. I really like the name Mariana for my daughter but went with Catarina which now just seems like a good fit. How about Vivienne Rose, kinda works both names with a twist. Also sorry we got off on the wrong foot but I am a very skeptical person. :)
I was thinking about Vivienne Rosalie, and I like that a lot. But, my only hesitation is that it would give her the same initials that I have. That's probably not a big deal, but I don't know. I feel like I'd be giving her the name I'd choose for myself, which is good in a way, but it feels a little awkward, especially since I already have another daughter. I wouldn't want to play favorites with names, you know? But I do like it.I just feel scared because this makes me feel like I don't know what I'm doing. It really, really bothers me, more than I can fully explain. My husband and I have both always hated our names so choosing good ones for our kids is extremely important to us. And like I said, I knew immediately what my other kids names were. With Audrey, that was the first name my husband and I agreed on and then we could never come up with anything else, not even a boy's name. With Harrison, I knew I was pregnant with a boy before I could even get a positive pregnancy test and I knew his name immediately.This time around it's been so different. From the beginning I've always had two names going. I thought I was sure about Nora Charlotte, but I also liked Vivienne. We agreed on Nora, but about halfway through my pregnancy my husband decided he didn't like Nora, and he decided on Vivienne. I was good with that until I fell in love with Rosalie. I think it's a really sweet, beautiful name that works for all ages.But I still love Vivienne. I'm torn, and it's driving me crazy. I have at most 10 weeks left to figure this out and I could not be more stressed about it. I'm really thinking that maybe I'll just have to wait until she's born. For each name I have a different picture of what she'll look like, so maybe I need to wait and see what color hair she has. 
In my personal opinion rosalie nora sounds good, I wouldn't put much thought into picking a name because you will know what to name her when you meet her. I didn't know caitlyns name untill I seen her I think once you see the baby you will know what to name it.
Yeah, that's how I think it's going to be this time around. It just stresses me out because my first two weren't like that. For some reason I just can't get a good read on this baby. And like I said in one of your posts, for some reason I keep thinking I'm having twins, even though I know I'm not. I just feel like there's going to be some big surprise (a good one) when she's born and I don't know what it means. But that's definitely the reason I can't decide on a name. I feel like things aren't the way they seem but I don't know what that could mean. I know she's healthy, her ultrasound was perfect. I know that she's a girl from the u/s and from my pregnancy symptoms. I just feel like there's something unexpected and it's really making me crazy!
Vivienne is awesome never heard it. love it, i also like the name Amourette
I really like the Vivienne Rosalie combo together. I was not able to ever pick out very far in advance. I was also convinced my daughter was a twin. I even looked it up on the internet how often people have surprise twins. She was the only one. Her name is Holland and I loved the name and hated it at the same time before she was born. My husbands family is from the Netherlands(Holland) so I did not want people thinking I named her after that (they do) I just like the name and it fits her. On the way to the hospital I asked my husband what we were going to name her Holland was the only name we thought of. Even after she was born I had to spend some time with her before we made it offical. My son I loved the name Greyson before I was even pregnant. We tried other names and my husband was not a huge fan (daughters middle name is Grace he thought that was too close) but after me not being able to settle on any other names. The final weeks came and I asked and he said Greyson. After he was born I said okay what is his name and again he said Greyson. Sometimes it just comes down to that last moment when you have to get a name out and the name that comes out is what fits.

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