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Need some ways to help my baby learn sit up

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I was wondering of some ways to help my 5 month old learn how to sit up on her own, and hold her own bottle!!

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Don't push it. She is still young. Most babies learn to sit up on their own between 6 and 8 months old. Make sure she gets plenty of time on the floor playing as this helps strengthen her muscles.As far as bottle holding, it's going to be awhile yet for that too.
when my daughter was learning to sit up i bought her a bumbo chair.It was really helpful.She learned to sit up a short time after starting to use it and they come with these clip on table tops that are good for them to put toys on so they can learn to grasp and pick up things too.
My daughter just learned to sit up on her own eventually, alittle after 5 1/2 months. About the bottle, i would give it to her and help her prop it up. and each time she was fed she would hold it for a longer and longer time. She has been holding her bottle since she was 6 months. I would say just show her how and she'll eventually pick it up.. Good Luck ;)
The more tummy time and play time they get, the stronger they will become. I wouldn't push the bottle thing. Feeding is one of the only quiet bonding moments you will get as baby gets older, so enjoy it! If you keep pushing them to grow up, you're going to regret it!
My son never got the hang of holding the bottle with me - but I know he would hold it with other adults.  Guess I was just a sucker.  :)For the sitting up - I started putting him in his Jumperoo/Excersaucer for about 10 minutes a day when he was around 4 months old, once he was trying to sit up.  He couldn't really fall over, and he loved it.  I think it really  helped him develop the tummy muscles he needed to sit up on his own, which he was doing by 5 months.

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