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need to start planning

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B's one year birthday is coming up in 3 months, what did you guys do? did you throw a big bday party or just a small get together? what theme? i dont want some baby theme i want something cool for my little man =) any ideas

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We just had small parties with family and friends for my kids' first birthdays. Harrison's birthday is at the end of April. Since we're big Dodgers fans and it was spring training time we had a baseball theme for his party. All four of us had special Dodgers outfits, my husband sculpted a little figurine for his cake that was decorated like a baseball field. I wanted to have baseball themed party favors but I couldn't find any and all the kids that came were girls...I made a chocolate cake with peanut butter filling and cream cheese frosting. It is to die for! I also made a bunch of appetizers that felt summer-y and baseball related like pigs in a blanket (which I now have to make for every party because they are amazing!). I also had fresh fruit and some other snacks.With my daughter we had a jungle themed party because she's my little monkey. I decided to plan the party theme around some of her favorite toys, which were jungle toys. She loved it and really loved that her favorite monkey toy was represented in her cake decorations. Her cake was a carrot cake. We just had a small family get together for her birthday so I didn't go all out with the planning. We just had a nice family dinner with a big salad, cheese and spinach stuffed manicotti and yummy garlic bread.My advice is to choose something that you know your son loves for the theme. Either base it off a toy or cartoon that he likes or you can even take him to a party store to have him choose what he wants. I've been letting my kids make decisions like that since they were first showing an interest in things, they were about 2 months old when they started choosing toys and clothes and things. And if my son's interests keep on the path they're going, next year he'll have a Cars birthday party. He loves Lightning McQueen!
Well I like my daughter to eat healthy so for her birthday I planned on making chocolate covered strawberries and getting granola cookies and putting the chocolate covered strawberries on it and sprinkling small marshmellows on it or sprinkles. Its cute and really yummy and another thing you could do is have fruit and veggie trays but make sure theres things your son can eat,cupcakes and cookies are good ideas to. Plus decorations are fun so you can pick a theme of colors like for example blue,yellow,green other colors that could be boyish and use streamers and balloons.
Another thing is that I forgot to put in the last post, I would invite friends and family of you and your husband and tell them the adress of where you wanna have the party or your house if you wanna have it there.
cant really do a lot cause his bday is in december and it will be cold outside. so it will have to be inside =( Hes not really into anything otherthan blankets pacis music and boxes lol maybe i could just buy a ton of boxes and let all the lil kids play in them lol never heard of anyone doing that. sounds fun lol i was thinking about colors cause hes not really into anything, maybe orange and blue i think itd be cute. Cake not sure but i want a seperate one just for him and i am the same say i like him to eat healthy so idk what i wanna do he loves blueberries tho so prob something with that.I want it in a cool shape as well, like a robot or rocketship or just something awesome and idk how to do that lol ill get my sister to help. Do you guys know where to get the cool bday hats? when i was a nanny the little girls gma bought her one it was awesome i cant seem to find any.  
Try looking at your local party store or online. is a great site.I had planned on doing small cakes for my kids but they didn't really work out. I gave them slices of the main cake but they didn't get messy with them. I think my kids were used to feeding themselves so they didn't get cake everywhere. It was nice, they didn't get messy during the party, but we didn't get those cute cake face pictures.The easiest way to do a shaped cake is to buy a shaped cake pan. They take 1 regular batch of cake and then you just decorate it. Michael's, Hobby Lobby and Ben Franklin all have decent selections, or you can look online. You can also look online for good cake recipes. You can find ones that are made with blueberries.At my parties I always have healthy, homemade snacks. The only "unhealthy" thing is the cake, but a little bit of cake never hurt anyone!And don't worry, you don't need to have every detail planned this far in advance. I'm a planner so I definitely start thinking about things much earlier than I need to, but the real planning happens in the 3-4 weeks before the party. (This year we have a party, family visit or holiday every two weeks until the end of the year, so things are a lot crazier than I'm used to!) So don't worry if your son isn't into anything specific at this point. Chances are that by his birthday you'll be able to identify a favorite toy or something that you can plan the party around. 
I did a very low-key birthday for my son's first, and I plan on repeating it for his second (with maybe a few Toy Story balloons).  We had maybe 10 people over (four of them were his age), and frankly, that was almost too many, because he started getting a little weirded out by all the people.  (And he's not unused to lots of people, he's just not used them all in HIS house, playing with HIS toys, and staring at HIM when presented with cake.) The theme for the party was "Mommy Made It Through the First Year and Has Retained Most of Her Sanity".  I thought it was appropriate. This is my theory on first birthdays:  frankly?  The kid is not going to remember it, and chances are extremely good that at some point during the festivities, they're either going to have a nap or a meltdown, so it's best not to have very high expectations.  I know of one mom who for her son's first birthday, hired a clown, a bouncy house, a magician, a pony, and catered in for 60 people.  The cake was custom-made.  Her son threw a fit ten minutes into the festivities and ended up going down for such a long nap that he missed the rest of it.  Three years later, she was worried because her daughter was turning one, and she didn't want to do such a big bash but how would she explain it to her daughter ten years later?  "Easy," said I.  "Tell her you put the money you would have spent into her college savings fund." To your son, his birthday is just another day.  You having a party is more about YOU than it is about HIM.  And that's fine, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.  The only thing wrong is when you forget that your son doesn't give a flying fig about the cake, the pony, the bouncy house, the caterers, or the guests.  He just wants your attention and a nap, not necessarily in that order.
This website has cake recipes on here thats where I found the cake for caitlyn.
@azriona If your child has a nap before guests arrive and people don't stay for hours on end parties are generally just fine. And while the child won't remember their first birthday party they will probably enjoy the pictures and parental memories later on. There's no reason to go completely crazy with it, but making it about your child is fine. My daughter loved her party. She loved opening her presents, had a lot of fun playing with the other kids who were there and enjoyed her yummy birthday dinner. And while she was too full for cake that evening she loved it later on. My son also had fun at his party. He ate, played, loved his cake and loved his presents. Parties are festive occasions and kids will enjoy them as much as the parents do. If parents are stressing over every little detail they will pick up on it and will stress as well. My son did get a little upset when people came into his home, but that's because we rarely had people over.

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