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Need suggestions for 3rd baby name (both boy & girl).

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We have 2 girls already, named Paige & Gwen. Our last name is 9 letters & very Scandinavian. We would like something that fits with our girls names. All suggestions are welcome! Thanks

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emberlee and noah?
Aria or Evan?Emily or James?Andrea or Andrew?
this is a hard decision,but I LOVE the names of your two other kids!
hmm...I would chose either :  Ian or Anja, Chloe or Owen, and finally either Luke or Mia
I like Ella for a girl. I wanted to name my daughter that but my man said NO.
Both Noah & Andrew were on our boys list for our last 2 pregnancies.  And I have a feeling may come up again.  Right now Grant is my top boy name.  Girls names are a bit tougher (the 3rd time around)! Keep them coming... we are VERY early in this process, and looking for all the inspiration we can get.  It took us until I was in labor with my 2nd to choose her name! 
Girl names: Addy, Olivia, Mia, Harper, EmmaBoy names: Reed, Aiden, Max, Gavin, Mitch
For girls names:  Sela, Leora, NaomiFor boys names: Levi, Boaz, Matan(We were only picking out Hebrew names for our kids hence why I remembered these from our list)
for a boy i LOVE the name Ivan (eye-van).  i include pronunciation b/c my husband and i can never agree (he insists that it's ee-vawn).  clearly, we've never named a boy Ivan:)  but if anyone else can enjoy it than hurray:)

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