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need ur help

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Hey I have a huge question. I have a four year old son n getting a divorce. But I have a ex that has been in my sons life since he has been 14 months old but we r not together I am with another guy. Me n my ex who loves my son n my son loves him. And I am letting my son spend time with my ex n I am with him because my ex n I r friends. But my sons father who has him all the n I get him on weekends is saying I am hurting my son mental state. When my boyfriend now my son knows we together but he has not stepped in as father n understands what I am doing. Am I doing my son wrong by anyway by not taking my ex that my son sees as daddy out of his life

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No, they are not allowed to make you sign any thing that can hold you legally accountable unless they were directed to do so by a judge after a hearing during which you were also there and had been found deficient in some way by a judge or DHS official. There are procedures and laws in place to protect children as well as parents. If you are the legal guardian of your child, no one-not even a school, can over ride what you think is best for your child. The only other individual with an equal right is the child's father. Both of my parents are attys. My mother also worked as a teacher for 30 years as well as for dhs for 3 years. My sister, grandmother, and I are also teachers. I teach SPED for ED students as well as those with learning disabilities in NY and TN.

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