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Needing repotty training advice. (With a gtube)

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My daughter was potty trained, but since having the surgery for a feeding tube she has regressed. I expected her to start peeing the bed, because she is constantly having liquids going in her. Ever since about July, she has been having accidents throughout the day... Refusing to go unless I make her or say "If you pee, you owe me a hug and a kiss, because I was right" Which, she loves doing. I try not to make a habit of that, for the sake that I shouldn't. UTI has been ruled out, and she doesn't act like it hurts her to pee. I don't want to go back to diapers, because I want to encourage her to try to potty and not give up. If I give her a diaper at night, she won't attempt to get up and potty. Which, I expected. But on nights that I do put a diaper on her, I've noticed that she pees even more on herself through the day (Maybe it's a coincidence?) For instance, she's only peed on herself once today... As oppose to twice already. I'm stressed, because I'm not sure the best thing to do. At night, I know she cannot help her situation... Does anyone have any tips or ideas? Potty progress and stickers have yet to do the trick. Encouragement only goes so far, and everytime she pees on herself throughout the day she says "It's okay mommy, it was an accident" Because my reassurance in the morning after night time feeds... I want to make the best decision in this, I just don't know what is best! She is about 4! Thanks!

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Her situation is different from most kids, you have to adjust what you would normally do. Just keep doing whatever works. If that means you remind her every time, do that, and don't feel bad about it.

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