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Negative Pregnancy Test?

4 answers
I am three days late (counting today) on my period. I've got a swollen chest, minor cramps, darkened arealos (sp?), mood swings, bathroom breaks come often, headaches, naseousness, I cannot eat certain foods, etc... I also took an EPT test this morning (I dropped it yesterday) and it popped negative. Could it be false? Should I take another one? If I did take another one, could the results differ? Should I go to the doctor?

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Just be patient and wait a few days to take another test. With pregnancy women don't generally get every single symptom immediately. Chances are you're psyching yourself out a little bit. It takes time for the pregnancy hormones to get to high enough levels that they start causing all the different symptoms. 
Sounds to me like you are psyching your self out. I think you would have to be further along to have all those symptoms. Wait a few more days and take another test.
Thanks y'all.  I've calmed down a bit and have decided to take another test this Sunday.  Wish me luck!
Cool keep us posted! 

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