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Negative test, could I still be pregnant?

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Hi everyone, I had sex with my partner using the withdrawal method (I know, not a very effective birth control method) three times since my last period. I was supposed to have my period on Friday last week (9 days ago) and it still hasn't come. Before my period was due, I had strange cravings for things I've never liked such as meat (I've been a vegetarian my whole life) but didn't think much of it at the time. Now, I'm wondering if it's early pregnancy signs. I took two tests 2 days after my period was due (so on the Sunday) and the first was invalid (pee was very clear, I think maybe too diluted) and second came out negative. I decided to leave it at that, but my period still didn't come so I took another test on the Wednesday (5 days after period was due) and again it came out negative. That put my mind at rest, as I figured after five days I would get a conclusive result. But I've been extremely tired these last few days and even took a nap this afternoon (I don't think I've napped in the afternoon since I as a baby myself!). I've been extremely sensitive to certain smells and even woke up feeling queasy this morning. I wonder if my mind is playing tricks on me and I'm convincing myself I'm pregnant because my period still hasn't come or if it's understandable that I'm doubting the test. Please note that I've been under a lot of stress these last few months, I'm probably the most stressed out I've ever been over a long period of time. I took this into consideration but in the past, whenever I was stressed my period came a couple weeks early. On top of the stress, I have also increased my exercise levels and am doing even more high intensity strength training. My eating habits have never been regular, but I have always maintained a more or less healthy diet. I'lll be honest, I hope I'm not pregnant, I'm too young just yet and my relationship isn't stable enough. So worrying about this isn't likely to make my period come any faster and it's definitely not helping my stress levels. I know no one can give me an answer over the internet as to whether or not I'm pregnant but I was just hoping someone could help me out. Has anyone had experiences or do you have any knowledge about false negatives? Was it your first pregnancy? Has stressed ever dramatically affected your menstrual cycle? Should I take another HPT or should I go straight to my OB/GYN? Sorry for how long this is, I'm just hoping for some insight!

answers (2)

With my first child. I took about 5 test. They all came back negative. I wanted about 2 weeks later, to take the test after I missed my period. That test came back positive. Do not stress out. The best advice I was given by my OB/GYN. Wait another week. My second child came back positive 5 days before I missed my period. Some times the pregnancy takes time. I have no idea why it took close to 6 weeks to be positive with my first child. He is very healthy 2.5 year old boy.
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